Thursday, September 12, 2013

Paint Paint Paint...

All I have done to the new house in the last week really is paint. I have painted many many times before, and I can honestly say I hate the brand paint I bought with a passion. I typically use Porter Paints, and have had a great experience with that paint. It covers well and goes on easily and smoothly. However, this time I had a coupon. So I went with Behr paint, at its slightly lower price point and with the 20% off coupon I saved somewhere in the $75-$100 range. But it does not cover or go on smoothly at all resulting in more coats to get a good looking paint job. One gallon should easily do 2 coats in my bedrooms, but that has not happened. So I am having to buy more paint for each room, costing more money and causing more work and taking up more of my time. Buy the time I get done painting I will not have saved anything. The colors have turned out wonderfully so far though.

My Room
Living Room
G's Room
My dad also G's bathroom tiled and I am so happy with my choice of tile, which will be in both bathrooms and in the kitchen and dining room. 
The tile before it was grouted.
Hopefully in the next week we can get the bathroom finished out and get the hardwood down in the bedrooms so that we can start moving in some furniture and begin at least sleeping in the house instead of the camper at my mom & dad's.

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  1. wow, it is coming together! I swear you are doubling your home's value and you haven't even moved in!